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Triangle Calculator

Sviluppatore Timothy Koen
1.99 usd

Triangle Calculator takes three known measurements (sides or angles) and solves for the other three sides and/or angles. TriAngCalc also solves for area, perimeter, semi-perimeter, radius, circumcircle, inscribed circle, medians, and heights. Detailed report includes 23 parameters, shows equations and draws the triangle.FEATURES INCLUDE:Solves any triangleEasy to use keypad entryShows math equations usedShows all 23 parameters of a triangleDetailed report with equations and explanationsDraws actual triangle with dimensionsAd free
Plus, unlike other triangle calculators, TriAngCalc shows you the math by detailing each of the steps it took to solve the equations for each parameter. Finally, the triangle calculator will also calculate the coordinates of the vertices, centroid, circumcenter, and draws the solved triangle based on those coordinates.
Useful for architects, carpenters, plumbers, pipe-fitters, mechanical and design engineers, builders, students and artists.
This app features easy to use keypad entry and detailed results. Keep notes on the 'Notes" page, useful for design. engineering, building and construction.
Additional functions include about us page, social media, help, notes, announcements and our blog. Social media channels allows you to share this app with your friends and family.
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